Zeiss Contarex Distagon 35/2 on the Sony A7R II

A gem of classic lenses! Zeiss developed some über-lenses for its Contarex SLR system, and the Distagon 35mm f/2 most certainly was one of them. It went on sale in 1965 – a full 54 years ago as I write down these lines, even some years before the Apollo 11 moon landing. I posted about... Continue Reading →

A more technical view on the Zeiss Contax G 90/2.8 and Techart AF adapter

Recent followers of my blog might have already noticed that in the last few weeks, I have developed a certain addiction to the Contax G 90/2.8 lens on my Sony A7 II. Now I own the lens for around two years already, but only recently got the A7 II – and in contrast to my... Continue Reading →

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