Olympus PEN-F – what I like and what not

I bought the Olympus after using two Sony A7 series bodies in late April 2017, and sold it at the end of September, to make place for my Fuji X-E3. Read about that in my original post about the Olympus PEN-F. What follows below now is a list of observations from my long-term experience with... Continue Reading →

First pictures: Samyang 12/2 MFT on Olympus PEN-F

There's not exactly that much online coverage on Samyang's 12mm f/2 wideangle lens when it comes to the Micro Four Thirds system. Maybe that's no big surprise as the lens was designed for the larger APS-C circle, where its field of view is really wide – equivalent to a 18mm ultra-wideangle lens on classic 35mm... Continue Reading →

Some high res Olympus E-M5 shots

I love my Olympus E-M5. I love it for its lightweight yet solid body style and for the way it operates. So fast and easy. It just gets out of the way. It focusses accurately on whatever corner of the image area I select, it takes amazing low light shots thanks to its built-in stabilisation,... Continue Reading →

My Olympus E-M5 arrived ….

.... and it poses on my old Olympus E-System display: Now if you followed my blog, you will know that I wanted to buy the Sony NEX-7 for quite some time. And so did some of my photo friends. But I went through a long time of consideration and finally, the E-M5 it was. So... Continue Reading →

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