Olympus E-M5 vs. Canon EOS 1Ds Mk.2: A “crazy comparison”!

You probably all know the "crazy comparisons" that Steve Huff frequently publishes .... taking the same picture with wildly different cameras that one probably should never compare because they are just uncomparable .... well are they? Currently, I still have a Canon EOS 1Ds Mk.2 with the trusty EF 24-105L f/4 lens and I really... Continue Reading →


What have we E-M5 owners done to you, Olympus, that you NEVER give us a firmware upgrade?

I got my E-M5 in May 2012. They were fairly new at the time. I paid € 1.099 for the body which was the standard pricing of the day. So far, so good. From day one, the camera had its great performance, but also its ergonomic limitations and a few quirks in the firmware. Nothing... Continue Reading →

My christmas 2012 camera group shot

That's the stuff that I currently use on a regular basis: Here's an old image of all my Pentax bits that I had collected and used during the winter 2006/2007. Sadly, the Pentax K10D camera body that I was shooting with at the time is missing on the picture:

Some high res Olympus E-M5 shots

I love my Olympus E-M5. I love it for its lightweight yet solid body style and for the way it operates. So fast and easy. It just gets out of the way. It focusses accurately on whatever corner of the image area I select, it takes amazing low light shots thanks to its built-in stabilisation,... Continue Reading →

My Olympus E-M5 arrived ….

.... and it poses on my old Olympus E-System display: Now if you followed my blog, you will know that I wanted to buy the Sony NEX-7 for quite some time. And so did some of my photo friends. But I went through a long time of consideration and finally, the E-M5 it was. So... Continue Reading →

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