Cheap & great: New TT Artisan 35/1.4 for APS-C (Review – part 2)

The last weekend I've been busy taking pictures with my new TT Artisan 35/1.4 to continue my review of this lens. Read part 1 hereSee also my video review on youtube I also thought it would be interesting to compare its performance to a true classic lens of (roughly) the same specifications – the Olympus... Continue Reading →

Less than 100 bucks? Gotta be kiddin’! New TT Artisan 35/1.4 for APS-C (Review – part 1)

Hey guys! This is part 1 of my review of the brand-new TT Artisan 35/1.4. This covers all the mechanical aspects and some background info. Also included are some first shots that I took with this lens on my Fuji X-E3. Proceed to part 2 of this reviewSee also my video review on youtube Disclosure:... Continue Reading →

Thanks Fuji, welcome back Sony!

It's August 2019, and I was already suffering bad G.A.S. cause my last camera purchase dates back to November 2017 – yay that is almost two years ago! I was shooting my little Fuji X-E3 all the time, and loved it. I'm not a heavy shooter in terms of shutter count apparently – I apparently... Continue Reading →

My Fuji X-E3 and the Fujicrons

Note: also read my additional observations after I used this camera for a couple of weeks – click here! Hello. My name is Thomas and I buy into a new camera system every few months. A doctor would say this is a very bad case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). But of course it isn't.... Continue Reading →

Some high res Olympus E-M5 shots

I love my Olympus E-M5. I love it for its lightweight yet solid body style and for the way it operates. So fast and easy. It just gets out of the way. It focusses accurately on whatever corner of the image area I select, it takes amazing low light shots thanks to its built-in stabilisation,... Continue Reading →

My Olympus E-M5 arrived ….

.... and it poses on my old Olympus E-System display: Now if you followed my blog, you will know that I wanted to buy the Sony NEX-7 for quite some time. And so did some of my photo friends. But I went through a long time of consideration and finally, the E-M5 it was. So... Continue Reading →

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