Good bye Sony A7 II, welcome Olympus PEN-F!

I switched to an Olympus PEN-F yes. Gone are (for now) the days of glorious Sony A7 II 35mm images with beautiful classic lenses, but why I hear you ask? Well there were two reasons and one of them I already wrote a lot about. The dreaded focus issue that forces Sony A7 series cameras... Continue Reading →


A hommage to the old Rudolfplatz in Cologne

Rudolfplatz is one of the most central and most frequented public places in Cologne. As far as "places" go, though, Cologne is a severely under-developed city. They really all happen to look like made in a third-world country. Tramlines and busy streets leave only a minimum of available space and that space then is cluttered... Continue Reading →

Snapshots in Tilburg.

So I am spending a lot of time in this city recently ... maybe for two years already. But overall found frustratingly little time to go out with my camera in all that time. Well, "frustratingly" in the sense that there always has been something else to do when I'm over in Tilburg instead of... Continue Reading →

From Tilburg with Love.

There's a message to be read on the walls of this abandoned house at Spoorlan 4 in Tilburg, actually very close to the city center: Love conquers all. Love respects all. Love accepts all. Love dares to dream a love supreme. Is your love enough or can you love some more? Tech note: All pics... Continue Reading →

3 x Cologne vertical

Just a quick post to show you three of my latest shots ... taken last week when I took a day off due to some bad news regarding a good friend (from heart, all the best to you Mike!) and thus I needed some fresh air ... and took my camera with me. So, first... Continue Reading →

Zeiss autumn

My contribution to all the annual autumn color photos around the world :) These are all taken in Volksgarten, a small city park in Cologne that was formerly a part of the fortification belt around Cologne, dating back to the 19th century. All made with Zeiss Contax G 90/2.8 with Techart AF adapter on Sony... Continue Reading →

Mustard in bloom

Snapped this on my way home from work, on a back road near Gruiten, a village in West Germany. Actually, I first thought these bright yellow fields would be canola ... but it seems it's the wrong time of the year now! In Europe, mustard blooms in late summer and autumn while canola does so... Continue Reading →

Der Kölner Dom

We don't have any really significant buildings in Cologne. It looks more like a giant village then a city with a population of 1 million :) The Cologne Cathedral – the Kölner Dom in German – is our biggest landmark and you can see it from 30 miles away. This is a snapshot from the... Continue Reading →

In memoriam to the Twin Towers

I stumbled upon this old photograph in my archives. Took this 1992, at the age of 17, with my Nikkormat camera and a 300mm lens, waiting for a connection flight at the airport of Newark. Myself I had just arrived at Newark with another old Jumbo Jet – operated by Continental Airlines – from Germany... Continue Reading →

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