Black & white ISO 100 films – my picks for 2021

Hey dear readers! I produced a video for my YouTube about the black & white ISO 100 films I'm shooting now (2020 & 2021) ... as we analog photographers all know, there's not a huge choice of "standard" films anymore. (I'm not covering all the re-branded old and/or "creative" or Lomo-style film stock out there.)... Continue Reading →

Welcome back for 2021, Fuji!

A bit over a year in my digital photography has passed with just the Sony A7R II at hand. In the meantime – apart from being busy taking photos both for my private pleasure as well as for paying customers – I have just started my own tomscameras YouTube channel, and I've ventured somewhat deeply... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2017

... to you, the readers of my photo blog, and your families, friends and beloved ones! 2017 was a great year for me, photography-wise. Even though I spend far too little effort on it, I was able to sell some few really big prints of my photos. I am very thankful as I feel that... Continue Reading →

Snapshots in Tilburg.

So I am spending a lot of time in this city recently ... maybe for two years already. But overall found frustratingly little time to go out with my camera in all that time. Well, "frustratingly" in the sense that there always has been something else to do when I'm over in Tilburg instead of... Continue Reading →

3 x Cologne vertical

Just a quick post to show you three of my latest shots ... taken last week when I took a day off due to some bad news regarding a good friend (from heart, all the best to you Mike!) and thus I needed some fresh air ... and took my camera with me. So, first... Continue Reading →

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