Welcome back for 2021, Fuji!

A bit over a year in my digital photography has passed with just the Sony A7R II at hand. In the meantime – apart from being busy taking photos both for my private pleasure as well as for paying customers – I have just started my own tomscameras YouTube channel, and I’ve ventured somewhat deeply into analogue photography again.

And then, very recently, I saw a nice and beautiful Fuji X-E3 again in my favorite camera shop’s window, and thought about the nice times I have had with my own X-E3. Seeing for how little money these cameras sell right now, I could not resist to get one again!

So just for fun here’s some pictures of my new (young used) Fujifilm X-E3, it came with a Meike handgrip, and the classic Olympus PEN-FT that I’m currently shooting with Adox CMS 20 high-definition black&white film! (These pics were taken with the first-gen iPhone SE.)

And, of course, below are my first shots from yesterday evening with this camera. (I was not the cook, I was just treated to this fantastic meal!) All these were taken with the Olympus PEN Zuiko 38/1.8 at open aperture. Opened in Lightroom and exported with really very (!) little adjustments to contrast and exposure, so these are almost “out of cam”:

Why did I buy an X-E3 again and not the really mighty, super-well-spec’d, very-nice-price brand-new Fuji X-S10? Short answer: Cause I love the X-E’s style above all! And photography is a thing of the heart – for me, at least!

But, all this – why decide for this camera and not another – is maybe also a good subject for another, more in-depth post. Or even another video for YouTube, if I can find the time soon enough!

Cheers, Thomas

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