3 x Cologne vertical

Just a quick post to show you three of my latest shots … taken last week when I took a day off due to some bad news regarding a good friend (from heart, all the best to you Mike!) and thus I needed some fresh air … and took my camera with me.

So, first we have here the one and only … Cologne Cathedral! I was at the top of a parking house in the inner city of Cologne … really, I live here since 15 years and so far did not ever think of going up there to just have a look!

Cologne Vertical I
Cologne Vertical I

Second is basically just a view in the opposite direction from the same parking house. That tall building is the old Fernmeldeamt of Cologne, a tower that housed all offices and technology necessary for the city’s landline telephone network. Today it is still in use as an office building by the German Telekom.

Cologne Vertical II
Cologne Vertical II

The third and last pic of today’s post is a more closer look to what is beneath the spot where I am standing. I liked the contrast between the little old hotel (far bottom right) surrounded by all the modern, technical architecture:

Cologne Vertical III
Cologne Vertical III

Both the black&white shots were made with the Contax G 90/2.8 at f/8ish or whatever … the color one with the might old Contarex Zeiss 35/2, also at maybe f/8. When being on location I just snapped away a bit and did not plan anything, so it was more during post that I started to prefer that one shot to be in color, and converted the other two to black&white (with Silver Efex Pro).



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