Low Bros @ Barbarossaplatz / Cologne

A somewhat dull house dating back maybe to the 1960s or 1970s, this got a nice mural some years ago. In fact I can remember how a guy on a crane was working on it for some time, but never got around to take a picture back then. Now I happened to bring my camera with me, so I finally had a go:

LTN vs. Low Bros @ Barbarossaplatz
LTN vs. Low Bros @ Barbarossaplatz

Read more about the artwork here at Cologneguide.

Anyway, some time after the mural was completed, LTN added their tag below the mural. I think it happend not long after the mural was finished. Probably less than a year if I recall correctly. Well they apparently did that twice, as the first LTN tag was just crap … then someone decided to redo it, but the color did not really cover the first attempt successfully …

This is a composite of two pictures to yield a square format, taken with my 35/2.8 lens. I shot this at open aperture, first because I did not bring a tripod, second to make sure that the light source would remain soft in appearance, and not turn into a sharp “sunstar” like if you stopped down your lens.

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