Western Europe’s biggest drifting sand landscape

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen are located in Noord Brabant / NL, not far from the Belgian border and directly north of Tilburg. The closest settlements are the villages Loon op Zand and Drunen which gave this location its name.

It’s actually the biggest drifting sand landscape of Western Europe. My pictures show only one of these vast sandscapes that are embedded into the surrounding forrest. It does look a bit like dunes but then it is much bigger – and also far away from the sea. Don’t ask me if there is a difference between a drifting sand landscape and a desert. It really feels like a desert but then this is full with vegetation and trees.

I traveled there on a Monday – so it was very quiet even though it is close to the busy city of Tilburg. I brought the FE 28/2, FE 50/1.8 and Zeiss Contarex 135/2.8 lenses with me. And I found myself taking almost all shots with the 50mm or 135mm …

An amazing landscape!

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen have their own website here but it is only in Dutch language. I also found it on holland.com here … in German language … and finally also some info in English here.



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  1. So interesting that they have all this different landscapes in the netherlands. I only quite recently learned about hoge veluwe and I’ve never heard of these drifting sand dunes… And i grew up quite close to the dutch border. Thanks for sharing!

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