The Birds. (A mobile phone pic.)

I love my cameras but there are those times where I just don’t carry any camera with me. So when I saw this scene on my way back home from work in early October, I only had my mobile phone to capture it. With a little post processing in Lightroom (…it also imports JPG files), this is the net result:

The birds.
The birds.

My phone (Nokia 808) has a fixed 28mm equivalent lens. I have to admit that I’m not always so happy with that focal length. Now the camera manufacturer of my choice, Sony, has announced a 28/2 lens for the A7 system for early 2015, and I started thinking about that focal length. It seems quite some Leica M photographers use 28mm lenses because these are the widest you can use on some M bodies without the need for an external wide-angle viewfinder. I already have a 35mm so would a 28mm make enough of a difference? The more natural choice to complement a 35mm seems a 24mm.

Anyway, “The birds” would have worked with any of these focal lengthes. 24mm? No problem. 28mm? You see the result. 35mm? Why not. Apart from those situations where I can’t move back any more because there’s a wall, or where I stay at a bridge and can’t change position, I am pretty happy with almost any focal length, it seems. :)


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