How will the Sony FE 90/2.8G macro look on an A7 body?

Here’s a simple photomontage that I created of an A7R body and a picture of the upcoming FE 90/2.8 G macro lens that I took at Photokina 2014. The size of the new macro lens will be approx. 130 mm x 78 mm. For comparison, the current Nikkor 105/2.8 VR macro is shorter but wider in diameter: 116 x 83 mm.

As you already know by now from all the photos floating around the web, the new FE macro lens will feature OSS stabilisation, focus down to 1:1 life size, and it has a printed-on distance scale. Most likely, switching from AF to MF will be accomplished by moving the focusing ring forth and back, and we’ll just have to wait and see how exactly the ring with the distance scale will behave e.g. when the lens is on AF. (Normally, these scales are behind glass on AF lenses so that no outside lens parts move during automatic focusing.)

So far, Sony says that the 90G macro – together with the other three new FE lenses that were shown at Photokina – will hit the shelves in March 2015. I hope they’ll stay to their word as this would be just in time for the macro photo season 2015. :)

Photomontage: Sony FE 90/2.8 G macro on A7R body
Photomontage: Sony FE 90/2.8 G macro on A7R body

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