A note to myself: Gotta do more black&white!

So, I took this shot of a departing Germanwings Airbus, next to Cologne-Bonn airport, as it passed over my head. Nothing so spectacular. A photographer friend whom I showed the photo, though, suggested I’d try a black&white conversion. So I did and tried to enhance the contrast between the cloud in the center of the image versus the plain black sky that frames this shot.

I know it’s gear porn talk but I just have to say how much I love the 36 MP sensor for black&white conversions. You can do so much in post… throw color filters and everything on these files, and they just stand up to whatever you do … they just deliver. Great!

Airliner, color.
Airliner, color.
Airliner, black&white.
Airliner, black&white.

The bottom line is that I was never that much into black&white digital photography. It feels more like black&white photoshopping to me. You don’t put the filters on your camera, you just add them in post. A click here and there, some “effects” … not my kind of stuff, really. But I realise that you can get great results in Lightroom. Plus the only real black&white camera on the whole market is the Leica Monochrome and it’s just far out of my price range. I’ve seen some folks do convert standard color digital cameras to black&white sensors. Anyway, now that I have a camera with a sensor that responds so nicely to post-processing stuff, I’ll probably do black&white conversions more often.


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