Wahner Heide – the heath at Cologne

This is a gem. I admit that even though I now live in Cologne since about 14 years, I’ve never ever been there before. The Wahner Heide is located directly at the airport Cologne-Bonn. It’s even fairly convenient to use the regional trains – or even the tramway – to get you there. It’s a rather narrow strip of land between the airport and the loud A3 motorway, but nonetheless home to many rare flowers, birds and a lot of nice little critters. Like a lot of today’s nature paradises, it was used for military manoeuvres during Cold War.

So these are pictures from my first two short trips to the Wahner Heide. I hope I’ll get much more in the next couple of years. :)

I provide these as a gallery. Hope it’s convenient to watch for you. The images are available in 1024px width … I’m sorry but I only noticed after uploading and editing the whole gallery that I could have gone with a bit larger image files (there’s a link to the original uploaded file at every single photo). Oh well … next time :)

On a technical note, these were all taken with either the FE 35/2.8 or the FE 70-200/4 lens, I use the Canon 500D closeup lens for some shots with the latter lens. See the EXIFs which are displayed in the gallery view. Some of the closeups also were shot with the Sony system flash mounted on top of the camera. But whenever possible – especially at overcast weather – I also try to take pictures without the flash, because the natural light is just so much softer.

enjoy – Thomas


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