A matter of perspective: 12 mm …

This will be one of my shortests blog posts ever. A friend gave me a Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 lens (the Leica M version) to try out on my A7R II. I came back with these two snapshots of the same wall sticker art: (As usual, these pics were processed in Lightroom. I did not apply... Continue Reading →

Classic optics, new camera: The Jupiter-9 85mm f/2 on the Sony A7R II

Nameless sculpture by Zeljko Rusic, in Cologne. (Jupiter-9 at f/2.8) 1987. Gorbatchev published a manifesto for change – perestroika – and transparency – glasnost – a huge step that led to the end of the Cold War and the transformation of Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukrainia and many other states. 1987. Madonna sings "Open Your Heart",... Continue Reading →

Thanks Fuji, welcome back Sony!

It's August 2019, and I was already suffering bad G.A.S. cause my last camera purchase dates back to November 2017 – yay that is almost two years ago! I was shooting my little Fuji X-E3 all the time, and loved it. I'm not a heavy shooter in terms of shutter count apparently – I apparently... Continue Reading →

The Lunar Eclipse 2018

Hi there. Today, time for a change in this blog – I'll be combining two of my main interests here, photography and astronomy! I am pretty sure that most of you, especially in Asia, Europe and Africa, are aware about the record-breaking Lunar Eclipse that took place July 27, 2018 ... okay but why record-breaking?... Continue Reading →

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