Landscape photos with an old iPhone … hmm. :)

Again and again, I swear I will not leave the house without my (proper) camera. Even when going to the office. But then ... it just does not happen! Such as getting out of bed at 6 to go for a run before the work day starts ... also just does not happen for me.... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas 2017

... to you, the readers of my photo blog, and your families, friends and beloved ones! 2017 was a great year for me, photography-wise. Even though I spend far too little effort on it, I was able to sell some few really big prints of my photos. I am very thankful as I feel that... Continue Reading →

RAW Therapee and the Fuji X-E3

Since I have the Fuji X-E3, I don't use Lightroom anymore as my main RAW converter. The reason being that it does not render fine details that nice, due to the peculiarities of Fuji's X-Trans sensor. Or due to the Adobe team giving a fuck about the peculiarities of Fuji's X-Trans sensor. Or whatever ...... Continue Reading →

My Fuji X-E3 and the Fujicrons

Note: also read my additional observations after I used this camera for a couple of weeks – click here! Hello. My name is Thomas and I buy into a new camera system every few months. A doctor would say this is a very bad case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). But of course it isn't.... Continue Reading →

A hommage to the old Rudolfplatz in Cologne

Rudolfplatz is one of the most central and most frequented public places in Cologne. As far as "places" go, though, Cologne is a severely under-developed city. They really all happen to look like made in a third-world country. Tramlines and busy streets leave only a minimum of available space and that space then is cluttered... Continue Reading →

Snapshots in Tilburg.

So I am spending a lot of time in this city recently ... maybe for two years already. But overall found frustratingly little time to go out with my camera in all that time. Well, "frustratingly" in the sense that there always has been something else to do when I'm over in Tilburg instead of... Continue Reading →

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