Effelsberg radio telescope … science fiction at the countryside

There's this urge for exotic far-away places that some of us often are striving to visit. Cause they're, well, exotic and far away, which adds to their attraction. And then we forget that there are equally exotic places just around the next corner, literally. Like I pass the Cologne Cathedral every morning on my way... Continue Reading →


Photokina 2018 – my very personal show report

Many many folks have been blogging about Photokina and all news and exciting releases have been covered already in great detail. 2018, as you probably all know by now, has been maybe the biggest year of mirrorless systems, seeing that Canon, Nikon and even Panasonic are now entering this future market – finally. I'm a... Continue Reading →

The Lunar Eclipse 2018

Hi there. Today, time for a change in this blog – I'll be combining two of my main interests here, photography and astronomy! I am pretty sure that most of you, especially in Asia, Europe and Africa, are aware about the record-breaking Lunar Eclipse that took place July 27, 2018 ... okay but why record-breaking?... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2017

... to you, the readers of my photo blog, and your families, friends and beloved ones! 2017 was a great year for me, photography-wise. Even though I spend far too little effort on it, I was able to sell some few really big prints of my photos. I am very thankful as I feel that... Continue Reading →

RAW Therapee and the Fuji X-E3

Since I have the Fuji X-E3, I don't use Lightroom anymore as my main RAW converter. The reason being that it does not render fine details that nice, due to the peculiarities of Fuji's X-Trans sensor. Or due to the Adobe team giving a fuck about the peculiarities of Fuji's X-Trans sensor. Or whatever ...... Continue Reading →

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