My look at Fuji’s split-image focusing aid for manual lenses

There are exactly two interesting differences when shooting the PEN Zuikos – and all other manual lenses – with the X-E3 instead of a first-generation Fuji X camera such as the X-E1 or X-Pro 1. The first obviously is that you get 24 megapixels instead of 16, read more about that here. But the second... Continue Reading →


Fuji X: 16 vs. 24 megapixels, with a vintage lens :)

Fuji's X system cameras so far come in two flavors, either with a 16 MP or a 24 MP sensor. Most of them, bar the entry models, feature Fuji's exclusive X-Trans sensor with its unique characteristics. Given that nothing loses more value than an aging computer, you can pick up the oldest Fuji bodies for... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2017

... to you, the readers of my photo blog, and your families, friends and beloved ones! 2017 was a great year for me, photography-wise. Even though I spend far too little effort on it, I was able to sell some few really big prints of my photos. I am very thankful as I feel that... Continue Reading →

RAW Therapee and the Fuji X-E3

Since I have the Fuji X-E3, I don't use Lightroom anymore as my main RAW converter. The reason being that it does not render fine details that nice, due to the peculiarities of Fuji's X-Trans sensor. Or due to the Adobe team giving a fuck about the peculiarities of Fuji's X-Trans sensor. Or whatever ...... Continue Reading →

My Fuji X-E3 and the Fujicrons

Note: also read my additional observations after I used this camera for a couple of weeks – click here! Hello. My name is Thomas and I buy into a new camera system every few months. A doctor would say this is a very bad case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). But of course it isn't.... Continue Reading →

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